Talk English App – Learn English By Talking To Strangers

Talk English App: English speaking is sometimes difficult and challenging for people. You might know the basics of it but speaking it comes as a trouble. Well, in that case, we got a solution for you.

This English Talk Android App allows you to talk to people in English.

You do not have to feel shy or hesitant to talk anymore! 

With the expanding need for English in the job sectors, it has become mattering for one to gain a mastery over English. Not knowing English might cause you to lose a lot of opportunities. 

You need to know how to express yourself properly! 

You might go to attend a coaching class to improve your English but that will make only a little difference unless you actually work for it. 

This android application will help you for sure if you face any of the problems above. Here’s the screenshot of the Android app. 


The English language has emerged to be one of the most widely used languages in the world. Regions as far apart and diverse as the West Indies and Pakistan have a large number of English speakers.

It continues to be included as an official language, especially in diverse countries like India as it has many speakers across the country. Most countries that have English as a government recognized language do so because of their colonial history.

The British empire was spread across the world and they left behind the legacy of their language. English is currently the second most spoken language in the world with 1.06 billion speakers; Chinese is the first with 1.17 billion; Spanish is third with 661 million speakers.

English enjoys such a reputation that many people who have no real necessity of learning the language go out of their way to attain at least a basic level of proficiency in it.

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